Thursday, 27 March 2014

Updates: I'm in a Reading Slump?

My aim for 2014 is to read 100 books which was significantly much lesser as of 2013. Anyway, according to Goodreads, I've read 12 books so far and I'm 11 books behind schedule.

Yes. It is unbelievable. I am 11 books behind schedule and that's pretty bad even for me. And getting spammed by dateline notifications to return the library books isn't helping ease the pressure either.

A blurry take of my library books.

Those are the library books that are sitting on the shelf, demanding to be read. Actually, I'm currently reading Never Fade but I am honestly having a hard time keeping up with the story. The same goes with Cress. Maybe I'm stuck in a reading slump?

When you really want to read, but you haven’t been able to concentrate or even pick up a book in weeks (or days, depends on how strict you are on your reading). You’re reading the same sentence over and over again but can’t seem to understand what the words mean. Your mind starts to wander, and your eyes start to close. You can’t seem to finish anything you start, or find any book appealing. You buy books but don’t read them. You read just to “get through it”. You can’t choose what to read, and instead just don’t read.

Lauren over at Lauren Reads YA has described this perfectly. Recently, whenever I take a look at the books that has been sitting on my shelf pitifully for about a month, I just groan inwardly and it seems like a chore to read them. The unfortunate ones usually get dumped aside or forgotten, until the last moment when I get notifications to return them. Only then will I pick up the book and start halfheartedly flipping through them. *sigh* I've never thought I'd experience a reading slump since reading is like my life but I officially declare that I'm in a reading slump and therefore, I will not be reading and blogging until I'm out of this slump. The only thing that's bothering me is the goal to read 100 books this. 11 books behind schedule is NOT a good thing. Well, the thought of failing the challenge makes me depressed.

Should I continue to force my way through this quicksand of reading slump? Or just stop struggling and just crawl out of it slowly? People have recommended not to force yourself into reading but what if I have isolated reading for too long? Will I lose my interest in reading and if I do, will ever 'reclaim' it back?
I guess I'll just read my books in sporadic intervals. Maybe I'll get out that slump sometime but until then, I won't be blogging because... I don't really feel like it either.

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