Derived from the phrase ‘seriously nuts’, Seriously Books was started by Vi sometime in 2012. She invited India to join the blog after they both discovered similar interests in reading and Science. Vi loves books ever since she was a little kid and was inspired by amazing book bloggers to start a blog of her own. 

Seriously Books initially started out with Vi writing nonsensical, aimless, one-liners that she calls reviews. For whom she writes for in the past, she doesn't even know. However for now, she promises not to write mindless, short sentences in which she used to call reviews.

The blog mainly features young adult books although on several occasions, middle grades. The genres reviewed are usually dystopian, paranormal, thriller, action, fantasy, contemporary, steampunk, sci-fi—and a few others. Just so you'd know, their reviews are simply their thoughts on the book.  

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~The Authors~



I'm Violette, also known as Vi for short. I'm born in the year of a dragon in the Chinese calendar and I'm 14 year old Asian girl. You must genuinely want to know me, yes? Oh well, here we go.

I harbor addictions to reading and writing.

Like most, I started out as disliking reading and writing because I thought they were a total bore. I'd find myself dozing off before I could even make it to the first chapter and I was just pure laziness when it came to writing.

I discovered my love for writing when I was... five? Anyway, I had been tagging along my grandma when I was a little kid while she went shopping and I saw this pretty notebook. And it was pink. I was pretty much attracted to pink then. It was like love at first sight. My grandma saw me stealing too many glances at it so she just bought it for me. It was a stationery set with a ruler, I think, and it had a moon tassel dangling from it so I was on cloud 9. 

Fast forward, I found myself writing nonsensical short about fairies who flew here and there in that notebook. Unfortunately, I can't find that notebook now so I'm guessing that it has been thrown away.

Before I came to like fictions, I was actually into non-fictions, specifically science. So you can usually find that 7/8/9 year old kid frantically flipping through books on planets, natural disasters, animals, trying to figure out how the universe works. Until now, I still adore science and still can be found with a nose buried in a BBC or National Geographic magazine. Maybe even figuring out the space-time continuum or thinking up my senseless theories.

At the age of 8, I was given a copy of The Fly-away Cottage by my mother, I held it off for a very long time and after many frustrated reminders and pleas to read it, I finally acquiesced. I opened it and before I knew it, I had devoured the book. Soon after, I was pleading my parents to bring me to the library and then... Ta da! The Violette here you know! Besides trying to be Einstein, book dragon, or a writer, I play 3 instruments too.


Book lover. Writer. Part-time Scientist. Tri-Musician. That's me in a nut-shell.


Hi everyone! I'm India and I'm a total grammar Nazi. A grammar Nazi is a person who always corrects people when they use bad grammar or whatever. Writing is my favorite thing to do when I'm bored. I write stories, poems, book reviews and some other things. I am currently writing a very complicated book. Fantasy is my favorite genre. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends and playing my oboe. I'm a straight 'A' student and I love to learn. I'm very interested in science and plan on being a scientist when I grow up.
I remember when I was five I loved this one role-play game I would always play. I wanted to make a book out of it, but I didn't have access to time and a computer to get it all out. I had figured out a way to remember the story. That way was to play the game everyday after school. Now that I own my own computer and extra time, I can write out the story that I have been waiting to write for such a long time.
At the age of 4, when I lived in Great Britain, I absolutely hated reading. Then I went to school and my teachers tried to get me to read. I didn't want to. They kept trying and came up with new ways to learn to read. They would pretend to stretch out the word and sound it out with a piece of elastic. Somehow, that got it through my head. I was the first kid to master reading and I started to love it.
Then, at the age of 7, I moved back to the U.S. and found that I was ahead of the kids in my class. I could read better and faster. But they could do math much better. I soon fell behind in math and jumped way ahead in reading. I only lived there for one year, before moving again to another state in the U.S. I was still ahead in reading, just not as far as I was in the other school. Math was still a challenge and I often found myself getting lost in my head during math class. I still struggle with math and kids have caught up with me in reading now. I found my love for science here too. I aced the science pretest that was meant for kids 2 years older than me.
I first met Vi on a pen pal website. We started to email and soon found out that we both love to read and enjoy science. She started this blog and asked me to join. Of course I wanted to join! I have been so excited to do something cool with a person from another country. Thank you! : )

~India (Before you ask, I'm not from India.)

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