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White Cat (The Curse Workers, #1) by Holly Black/The Gathering Dark by Christine Johnson [Combined Review]

Both of the reviews are rather short so I'm combining the two books into one post.

White Cat by Holly Black

Oo. The cover. Cassel looks like he's gonna strangle the cat. I hope he does. I don't like that cat.

Please don't hate me... I didn't exactly like this but I didn't hate it either...

I'll start with the good points.

The author has written a realistic male POV which female writers can rarely do. I think that's mentioned in many of others' reviews. Do you know how fake some male characters are in certain stories? Oh never mind 'bout that.

Pretty unique plot. But. Here comes the bad point. Somehow, the way the author writes just makes me want to fall asleep. I had to mentally reprimand myself to continue. Oh book, you're lucky your plot is interesting enough to persuade me to finish this book. Or else you'll mysteriously find drool on your pages.


I didn't like her and couldn't figure out why Cassel liked her. So she's his childhood best friend. So what. And she's a bit, wait, what's the word? Eccentric? Probably that. From most male POVs I've read, they somewhat like eccentric girls. But I don't. Y'know those kind that are different and behave in a slightly weird way? Well, like behaving in a atypical girl manner. Hey, don't get a wrong idea. Being weird is okay and not wrong but I'm telling ya, behaving in a atypically weird manner like Lila is not okay. They are not special. They are downright annoying. End of story.

Philip and Barron (Cassel's brothers)

What kind of brothers are they, anyway? The way they treated Cassel makes me want to slap them to reality. I mean, excuse me? He may be younger then you two guys but his still your brother!


Why I borrowed the last book is still a mystery yet to be solved...

3/5 Stars
(I'm sorry! I just didn't like it, okay?!)

The Gathering Dark by Christine Johnson

This book has an interesting concept about dark matter. But again, the theory to me was just unrealistic. It's like telling me to believe vampires exists. I mean yeah, they don't exist, but a good writer will somehow make me believe. Even if it doesn't even exist in reality.

Moving on. Nothing happens much during the first half of the book, except that Keira thinks she's hallucinating and stuff. She sees a door in the middle of the road, bla bla bla, it all seems real. I was like, are you there yet? What's all these really about? Enough about your hallucinations (and Walker). Walker, whatonearthareyoudoing? I WANT MY EXPLAINATION RIGHT NOW!!! I then we finally got the explanation. I mean, do you know how many pages are there in that book? It's a lot I tell you. You want action? Take my advice. Skip the first half, time's precious. Basically, the first half's about Keira's hallucinations. Nothing else. Unless you count smoochy sessions. See? I bet I saved like an hour of your time.

Oh and if you've read the synopsis, you'll know that Keira likes to play the piano a lot. Turns out, her musical talent plays quite a big part in the book...

...And the world is somehow magically saved by her talent, woo hoo!!! Of course, she can't do it herself, she needs Walker. Only with Walker, the world can be saved. Bravado, marvelous! And typical. Why do you need a boy to save the world?! TYPICAL.

Also, I've forgotten to mention. INSTA-LUV!!! 


Note to authors:

Please, just stop insta-loves, okay? Do ya know it's rather cheesy? If you want to write about insta-loves, try not to write in a cheesy way, okay? Stop writing about the MC blushing and stuff at the first sight of the love interest because it's, like I said, it's cheesy.

Why did I give it 3 stars? Simple. It's a meh story. I could have given 2 stars but because of the still rather interesting concept about dark matter, I decided to give it 3 stars. 

3/5 Stars
White Cat's still better.


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