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Siege and Storm (The Grisha, #1) by Leigh Bardugo

UPDATE: Why is it posted as 3/6? It's supposed to be 4/6! Really, I know my dates alright.

Guess what day today is?! The release of Siege and Storm day!!! Dear book, I've waited for you for more than half a year and... You finally arrived! I'm so happy that I'm wailing in happiness. I'm gonna take you out to dinner, treat you with... Okay. I know I'm exaggerating but you get the idea.

Nope, I haven't read this yet. At least from chapter 6 onwards. But I'm gonna talk about this when I've finished reading it. I've got one part that I'm anticipating and guess which part it is? The ending. The reviews I've read said that it was a very cruel one. Let's how cruel it is. 

And speaking of reviews, I really must stop reading reviews, and STOP clicking on the spoiler tag buttons. Now I know some surprising revelations. Which is a bad news 'cause it isn't as surprising now that I know what to expect. Sigh......


Oh dear. I'm mourning over the fact that, I just finish reading this book.

NO, it wasn't horrible, in fact it was actually over-the-top wonderful, but at least I could have taken my time to savor it! Now I can't reread that book again unless you have the mind eraser from MIB. I'll gladly use if it means erasing all my memories of the book so that I could read all over again without knowing what's happening. If I waited for about approximately half an agonizing year, probably the wait for Ruin and Rising would be even more agonizing— and excruciating. As long as you don't push the release date back like Laini Taylor's third book of Smoke and Bone, I'll be glad enough to wait. 


We've got a famous new character!!! You know him, right? The witty and charming pirate, Sturmhond?! Excuse me, PRIVATEER. Oh, the words that spill out from his mouth are so witty and hilarious. No wonder I liked him.

When he was first introduced in this book, I was rather annoyed with him. I'm like, you are so d*mnned  you little—
But, anyway, as the story progresses, I didn't find him as annoying as before.

I am NEVER team Mal. He was a meh character to me in the first book and unfortunately in the second one, I like him no better. In fact, he infuriated me with his moodiness in this book. Excuse me? Alina has a lot of things on her plate and you're just there whining about wanting the old self back and oh please, can't you see not everything is about you?

The Darkling
He's the villain and one of the best I've ever read. He has real motive (he wants power and that's why he becomes corrupted) and not like some hot baddies who happens to have ZERO brains, only good at being smothering the MC and wants to kill the protagonist with no reasons. Or to be kind enough, lame reasons. He has real motive, you see (forgive me for the repetitiveness), not just some mua-ha-ha-I-wanna-kill-you guy. And speaking of which, they always loose without much battle or fight which is utterly boring. I hope that in Ruin and Rising, Bardugo won't conclude with such an ending.

Yep... The Darking's not like that.

And anyway, maybe you've heard that the Darkling appears only in the beginning and the ending? It's not wrong, but not entirely correct. I won't talk more about it for the fear of giving spoilers away.

She's noticeably more decisive of herself than in the first book. She's more certain of herself, giving out orders and behaving like a real leader. Basically, I'm saying that that her character has improved and now, she's much more mature.

The Plot
I'm officially announcing that, I'm now not really gonna focus about plots. You know why. Because of such a thing called spoilers.

BUT I want to talk about the ending. Remember I said about anticipating the ending? Yep, it was cruel alright. Call me hard-hearted, but I didn't find it that horrifyingly cruel. All the same, it was cruel.

Bardugo is an evil person. Yep, the ending was heart-wrenching enough and she still wants to put a cliffy. WHAT ON EARTH???!!! DO YA KNOW IT'S AND ILLEGAL THING TO END WITH THAT???!!! I HATE THAT CLIFFY!!! I'm sobbing hysterically now.
6/5 Stars

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