Monday, 9 March 2015

Top 3 Childhood Favourite Books

As a child, I used to read many, many books to the extent that my parents had to ban (yes, I said ban, no joke) me from going to the library, Nevertheless, I still borrowed books from the school's library, not like they could stop me.
Anyways, throughout my entire childhood, I've encountered some ah-mazing books that I still love until now and today, I'm gonna share them with y'all!

1. Driftwood by Cathy Cassidy

Hannah and Joey have been best friends for ever. Joey's parents love rescuing things and making them beautiful – their house is full of things made from driftwood, old glass and shells from the beach. Which is why the scraggy kittens the girls find in a bin at school end up living there. And when Paul moves in as Joey's foster brother, everyone thinks that maybe he needs rescuing too. But nobody knows quite how badly. At first, it's great – Hannah's brother befriends Paul, and the four of them hang out together. But then things start to go wrong. Paul is being bullied. Subtly at first – but quickly it gets dangerous. People aren't like driftwood or abandoned kittens and Hannah doesn't know how to rescue him. Paul doesn't want to be rescued – but with help, he can find a way to save himself.
I reread this book a numerous times and guess what? I still loved it a lot. Although it is a middle grade book (some might consider this as 'Young Adult' but personally, I find that it is more suitable to be categorized under middle grade), the story conveyed is really moving. Long story short, it's about the differences a person has and that no matter how weird he might be, we should accept them as who they are. Somehow, I could relate a little to the story because tbh, I have to say that I'm a little like Paul. I am different from most of my peers so much that sometimes they just ignore me. Because I'm obviously like not the normal girls who like to talk about kpop stars or gossip about stuff.
Um, ok, I'm getting a bit personal but now you know why I adored this book tremendously. Sometimes you relate to stuff and just love it how it 'understands' you, y'know?

2. Ruby Parker Series by Rowan Coleman

This is just the first book of the entire series. Couldn't find a pic of the entire series tho.

To cut the long story short (ooo my second time using this phrase haha), it's about a girl Ruby Parker who shot to fame from being a soap star. Click here to learn more about the book.
Cute. Fluffy. Hilarious. These are a few words to describe the book. Also, this was my first Young Adult book so obviously I loved it. (I mean, first impressions y'know? My first impression of the YA was a positive one so that was how I came to know about YA). Truth to be told, this book was the first book with a kissy scene I've ever read so 10 year old me was like


But at the same time:

Tat pervy face tho *inserts laughing crying emoji*

3. Changeover by Margaret Mahy 

When her little brother seems to become possessed by an evil spirit, fourteen-year-old Laura seeks the help of the strangely compelling older boy at school who she is convinced has supernatural powers.
The synopsis found at Goodreads do not do this book justice. After the first glance people are gonna be like

And then they'll probably dismiss the book and-- NO PEOPLE IT'S A CRIME TO JUST DISMISS LIKE THAT.

It does sound like a stereotype from the synopsis but I assure you, it's much different than you might think. The atmosphere created is dark, deliciously sensual, mysterious with a tinge of ever present evil. The plot? Totally different from your typical paranormal YA books. It is creepy but it just arouses your curiosity somehow. I'm terrible at describing, but I think you should give it a go. Totally worth it.

So yeah! This is the end. I have many more favourites but I have completely forgotten about the title and the author. :(

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