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Touch (Denazen, #1) by Jus Accardo

Touch (Denazen, #1)
When a strange boy tumbles down a river embankment and lands at her feet, seventeen-year-old adrenaline junkie Deznee Cross snatches the opportunity to piss off her father by bringing the mysterious hottie with ice blue eyes home.

Except there’s something off with Kale. He wears her shoes in the shower, is overly fascinated with things like DVDs and vases, and acts like she’ll turn to dust if he touches her. It’s not until Dez’s father shows up, wielding a gun and knowing more about Kale than he should, that Dez realizes there’s more to this boy—and her father’s “law firm”—than she realized.

Kale has been a prisoner of Denazen Corporation—an organization devoted to collecting “special” kids known as Sixes and using them as weapons—his entire life. And, oh yeah, his touch? It kills. The two team up with a group of rogue Sixes hellbent on taking down Denazen before they’re caught and her father discovers the biggest secret of all. A secret Dez has spent her life keeping safe.

A secret Kale will kill to protect.
Imagine the cover guy, behaving like a curious 4 year old. Doesn't know what exactly a smooch is. Hard? Well, that's Kale. The supposedly love interest.

I mean, nobody says that that guy must necessarily be Kale but c'mon, who are we kidding? Black hair and electrifying ice blue eyes, you tell me who it is then.

So Kale is this guy who's been locked up in a 'prison' for his whole entire life until he escapes. That's why he acts like he just crawled out from a rock.

For the first 50 pages, I spend my time gaping incredulously at him. He wonders what types of clothes people wear, finds the bubbles in coke great etc. etc. Of course it's hard not to feel incredulity.
But when I realised that that was the way he was gonna act for the whole book, I just gave up and started feeling pity. And in my head, let's just say he is a 4 year old boy. I view him as one. Not necessarily a bad thing though, depending on your point of view. 4 year olds can be quite a curious bunch, eager to learn. Cute. Unintentionally hilarious at times.

Seriously speaking, I actually did view him as a kid. Even when he speaks, well, there's this high pitch squeaking sound in my head. When he opens his mouth, his words are just too innocently cute for a boy. To be exact, very unlike the guy on the cover.

Wait, why did I just spent 5 paragraphs on that guy? He's adorable, but not in a way you'd think.

Meet Deznee. She's a smartass and a kickass. She can be annoying when she vomits her snark at the wrong time but still a pretty decent character. Sometimes even annoying enough to put my head in a blender. Not a very pretty sight. Oh and when she's with Kale? Both of them are just too cute together. Like mixing chemicals and all you get is an explosion for the outcome. In a good way.

The plot had great pacing, not overly action-packed neither was it too relaxed. It held the right amount of tension. Romance? Lemme ask you, how does it feel like, snogging a kid? We-el.
Honestly speaking, it wasn't bad. But I just can't help but view him as a kid sometimes..

Concept-wise, I found it a little similiar as of Shatter Me. Death touch. But someone special can touch the one with a killer touch. An organization who is the bad guy.
It's a bit predictable but let's just say I'm beginning to get used to the typical trend already.
There was a question-- a glaringly big one at that-- left unanswered. And that is why Dez can touch Kale. Why?

Plot: 3/5
Writing: 3/5
Characters: 3/5
Romance: 3.5/5
Impression: 3/5
Additional Comments:
Overall Rating: 3. 25/5 Stars

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