Sunday, 5 May 2013

Changeover by Margaret Mahy

The Changeover

When her little brother seems to become possessed by an evil spirit, fourteen-year-old Laura seeks the help of the strangely compelling older boy at school who she is convinced has supernatural powers.

You're probably gonna think that I'm weird for 'reviewing' (again I say, whatever I write AREN'T reviews) this book. Mainly because it's a pretty old book. Way before I even existed!

WARNING: This may contain spoilers. Partly because I'm crap at identifying spoilers.

Well anyway, the plot was okay, nothing too great. Basically, it's about this 14/15 years old girl named Laura which by the way, had nothing interesting. She rescues her brother from some kind of evil spirit which was feeds on the life of her brother and for that to happen, she has to work a changeover to turn her into a witch. Is that considered spoilers? I can't be bothered.

Now about Sorensen (Sorry) Carlisle. He was just WEIRD. I didn't know why Laura had to fall for him, they have, like, 3 years difference between them. Not that I don't agree with. Or did she even like him? Speaking of which, it wasn't even romantic at all! It's supposedly a romance story! I can't put a finger why I didn't like Sorry, but the only word I can think of to describe him is weird. And creepy perhaps. Or maybe it's the story's atmosphere.

Also, why on earth did Laura's mother let her stay over WITH A BOY?! I think the author mentioned why but still. DOESN'T SHE EVEN CARE?

And so I conclude, it's okay but... *more ellipses*

2.5/5 Stars

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