Saturday, 23 March 2013

My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century by Rachel Harris

Guess what was my reaction when it came to the ending? OH MY, RACHEL HARRIS, YOU JUST OVERLOADED MY BRAIN. I HATE THE ENDING!!! *sobs uncontrollably*

Can you guess the ending now? YEP, a CLIFFY. You are so not funny, Rach. Now I've got permanent brain damage. And you still want to mess with my brain with that publishing date. Are you serious? Oh, you are? My brain is officially damaged.

Okay, enough that. Let's get on with da review...

The first part of the story was light and hilarious. As it slowly progresses, things start to become more  serious. After all, she freaking TRAVELLED BACK IN TIME. Of course you just I can't happily go back without changing the history. That's actually why I don't really read books with time travel. I guess I borrowed this book becoz of its cover. Oh boy, that's becoming a really bad habit of mine. Fun fact: This is possibly my first book on time travel! Well, maybe I did when I was very much younger but then, I bet it was all rainbows and kittens, not really focusing on the consequences of time travel. Anyway, where was I? Oh, about the course of history. It's a very complicated concept and being a slightly over logical person, I just I can't stand the idea of travelling in time and then when you come back, the history, y'know, just doesn't change. Even the concept of time travelling's just too confusing. Besides that, like I said, this is probably my first book on time travel so I can't possibly compare it with other time travelling books but I must say that the author has done considerably well in the change of history. When the protagonist came back to the future, I could see a change in the future.

Enough about the course of history. The more I write, the more confused I get. My brain's whirling already. Now the consequences of history. Wait. AM I TALKING ABOUT TIME TRAVEL AGAIN??!! Whatever. If you've read the synopsis, you'll know that she actually liked Lorenzo. But unfortunately, she can't stay with him because he's her ANCESTOR. It was quite heartbreaking really, that she couldn't stay with Lorenzo. After all, he's her ANCESTOR. Forgive my repetitiveness.

It's set in the 15th century, I think, if my memory doesn't fail me. Ooo... Every thing is just so simple and nice with no technology. Okay, at least all tech gadgets belong the MC, but still. I wish the world's like that. Simple and nice. We get the experience the... I need a little help here, what's the word? Culture? I don't what it is but I think you get the idea. It's like a whole new world experienced from the current modern days like that. After all, the MC's a modern.

Overall, I think it's a bittersweet story. It captures the heartbreak when the MC knows that she can't be with Lorenzo and fortunately, the author added something near the ending so the bitterness wouldn't be so... bitter. I'm now anticipating the second book.

4/5 stars


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